Snow King: The Town Mountain

Jutting straight up from the east side of Jackson is our town mountain: Snow King. This fabulous recreation hub is a favorite for concerts, outdoor activities, town competitions, you name it! If you live near this ski resort, you are in luck! Snow King Mountain is expanding it’s activities!

Want to go for a hike? 45 minutes of a great cardio workout to hike the King! Skiing? They have both uphill (also called skinning for those needing exercise before they ski) and downhill skiing. You can paraglide off the top of the mountain, take the Alpine Slide for a taste of history and thrill, test your height boundaries on their ropes courses, trail-run, bike and so much more.

snow king mountainIn addition to all the recreation that can be done, Snow King Mountain also hosts several fun events through the year.  In the winter, the Town Downhill, a speedy solumn race and also a mark of history and bragging rights, is held at Snow Kill every March. The World Championship Hill Climb occurs on this very “hill” yearly and attracts thousands of people interested in watching several snowmobiles summersault down the hill. We have Moose Hockey Games at the Snow King Ice Arena weekly in the winter.

In the summer, JH Live entertains locals with summer concerts at the base of Snow King. The entire town gathers here for fireworks on the 4th of July and even for the torchlight parade that occurs on New Years Eve that is followed with fireworks. The People’s Market happens at the base of Snow King every Wednesday and larger, big name concerts are held here.

Aside from some recent additions, including the Cowboy Coaster and Ropes Course, Snow King Mountain is proposing even more! For example, they are looking to add a new gondola at the base that will take you to the top. A new observatory and new restuarant overlooking the valley will be placed up there for those mid-afternoon breaks. They are looking to add lift access for bikers in the summer, more ski runs, and sweet zip lines that take you down the mountain as fast as possible.

Living in Jackson Hole is paradise. However, living near Snow King and it’s plethora of activities, events and competitions is a complete bonus!

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