Benefits Living North Of Town

Let’s face it, living in Jackson is one big benefit! But each area of the valley has it’s own benefits that make it more desirable than others for various reasons. This, of course, depends on what you are looking for in a home or property. So if you are buying in Jackson Hole, what are the benefits living north of town?

How do we love North of Town, let me count the ways…(better grab a Gerber daisy, the more petals, the better).

10 Benefits Living North of Town

#1. Teton Views. The more north you are, the better Teton Views you have. We have two Bar B Bar Meadows lots for sale, including our Teton Views property that recently had a price reduction, and boy do they have SPECTACULAR, TETON VIEWS!

#2. Wildlife. As you are closer to Grand Teton National Park, there is an abundance of Elk, Moose and the wild Bison herd that frequent the North of Town properties in both the fall and Spring.benefits living north of town

#3. Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. As you are north of town, you are closer to these natural resources and the abundance of activities that they provide.

#4. The Airport. The Jackson Hole Airport is the only airport contained within a National Park and it happens to be located North of Town. If you think that this would cause extra noise, you are wrong. The airport limits take off times to certain times of the day. Imagine, easy access to an airport with limited noise…perfect!!

#5. The Gros Ventres Range. Just North of Town near Kelly is the access point to the Gros Ventre Range (Gros Ventre Rd) where great fly fishing, horseback riding, and other adventures exist.

#6. Shadow Mountain. Great camping and mountain biking exist on this Bridger-Teton Forest-managed Mountain that can be accessed from Antelope Flats Rd.

#7. Secluded and Peaceful. Another benefit living North of Town is how secluded and quiet the area is. Most traffic does not pass through the areas where houses are, North of Town. In fact, properties in Bar B Bar Meadows, for example, would only have traffic of their neighbors and service providers.

#8. Easy Access to Town. Property North of Town, such as our Bar B Bar Meadows lots, usually has about a 15 minute drive to the heart of Jackson. If you live out in Moran, the drive might be a little longer depending on how “heavy-footed” you are.

#9. Space. There is more space North of Town and thus less congestion. Property sizes tend to be bigger, allowing for better views and a more open feeling. The West Bank and South of Town, in contrast, can sometimes feel like you are on top of your neighbor.

#10. Views. Oh wait, did we mention that already? Well, Teton Views is definitely the prize but there’s more! You also get Sleeping Indian Views, Jackson Peak Views, Glory Bowl Views, and Rendezvous Bowl Views for no added cost. And if you live up in Moran or out in Kelly, you might even get a view of Mount Moran!

The early settlers of Jackson Hole lived North of Town for a very good reason (or two or three). Shouldn’t you?