The Benefits of a Love Ridge Condo

benefits of a love ridge condoWe recently had a new listing come on to the market, MLS #17-2214, a Love Ridge Condo priced at $1, 675,000. This gorgeous condo is luxurious, updated and in great condition! The photographs do it more justice that I can! But there is more to Love Ridge then just a condo in Jackson Hole. The benefits of a Love Ridge Condo far exceed other condos in this area so here it goes:

#1 You can walk out your door and start hiking or skinning (for those avid winter folks) up a mountain. Skinning is a very popular past time of locals on Snow King Mountain in the winter in where you attach a sticker-type contraption to the bottom of your ski and hike up the hill. It sounds crazy but it offers a great source of exercise. There are endless trails starting from Snow King Mountain that take you into Bridger Teton National Forest.

#2 You can walk out your door and hop on a chairlift almost immediately. From there, you can either ski down the mountain (winter), take a scooter down the mountain on the alpine slide (summer), or challenge your height limits on one of Snow King’s Rope Courses.

#3 Great restuarants, shops and nightlift are 6 blocks away on Jackson’s Town Square yet you don’t have to fret over noise and crowds.

#4 You have access to Snow King’s pools, spa, mountain activities, and shuttle service. Yep, you heard me. Someone will pick you up at the airport and take you to your condo.

#5 Unlike other Snow King expansion properties, you are higher up on the hill=TETON VIEWS! Plus, we face northwest! That’s right. We have a view of both Snow King, Teton Pass AND the Grand Teton. Most condos in the town of Jackson do not have this view.

#6 Love Ridge Condos are part of the Short Term Rental Overlay, meaning they can legally be rented in the short term market. Furthermore, this Love Ridge Condo is configured to accommodate a renter while still allowing the owner to live in a different part of the home. Not all condos in Jackson are afforded this luxury.

#7 Lastly, the Love Ridge Condos are up above town, on the mountain slope. Not only does this give you a private and secluded feeling, but it also gives you a great view of town.

Love Ridge Condos are unlike other condos in Jackson Hole and the benefits mentioned above are unique to these fabulous condos. Of course, if you ever wanted to test drive one, you could surely rent one for a couple of nights. Only then would you truely appreciate all that a Love Ridge Condo has to offer!