Movies, Dance Performances and Plays: Jackson Hole Entertainment

Jackson Hole property

When we talk about Jackson Hole entertainment, we could mention all sorts of music venues and shows, movie theaters, dance performances and plays that make up our culture here. And while our Broadway is not like the Broadway of NYC, we still have plenty of culture if you know where to locate it. With the increase in development in the area over the last 15+years, the Jackson Hole entertainment scene has also grown. In fact, I believe most would be perfectly content the taste of culture here. So here’s our list of Jackson Hole entertainment, with a focus on the visual arts.

Jackson Hole Entertainment

Every town has it’s movie theaters, and Jackson Hole and the surrounding area has 4! We even have a drive-in! New releases are primarily shown at Jackson Hole Movie Works (on Broadway and South Park) and the Twin Cinema (on Pearl St and Jackson). There are discounts for seniors, plenty of treats, and an occasional 3-D movie that comes in. In Victor, we have Pierre’s Playhouse that shows a recent flick and in “Drictor” we have the Spud! We strongly recommend the Spud for a great drive-in experience, great burgers, great tatter tots, and even better Carmel corn!

In regards to playhouses, we have a few! The Pink Garter will often show new release ski movies, have occasional play or comedy performances, and also dubs as a music venue. The Jackson Hole Playhouse is another great performance hall. This band of actors will often be working on a great new performance and will show the play for several months before moving on to something new. They also happen to be the same actors that put on the Town Square Shoot-Out most nights of the summer.

Probably the biggest collection of visual performances can be seen at the Center of the Arts. This great piece of Jackson Hole entertainment has everything! The Center for the Arts brings in musical concerts, dance performers, and plays! Their calendar is extremely informative and their website allows you to purchase tickets in advance. Associated with the Center for the Arts are companies like the Riot Act (a play performance group), the Laugh Staff (a stand-up comedy group), and Big City Broadway (a play performance group that also helps with the HS musicals) to name a few.

Jackson Hole really has it all! All the activity and views you could possibly want, with all the entertainment you could possibly want. Don’t get us started on the music scene, it’s great! When you consider buying Jackson Hole Property, just know that Jackson Hole has everything you could possibly need. The NeVille Group will help you find it!