Our Best 3 Short Hikes in Jackson Hole

jackson hole real estateIf you are looking to buy property in Jackson Hole, it’s nice to know all the good spots for various activities in the valley and to try them out before you buy. Afterall, you want to spend those precious 3-4 months of the Fall and Summer in Jackson Hole doing exactly what you came to the area to do…enjoy the outdoors! (and the food…and the views…and the arts…and the wildlife…to name a few). Since hiking is one of the more popular activities, we thought we’d provide you with the best 3 short hikes in Jackson Hole.


We will rank these short JH hikes on ease of access and proximity to Jackson, as well as the potential for great views and fewer people. Hiking is a great way to connect to nature and it helps if you can access these trails fast in case you need to get away. Plus, the ability to see wildlife depends on much traffic is one the trail.

Short Hikes In Jackson Hole

One of our favorites is Phillips Ridge. While it takes a moment or two to drive down Fish Creek to access this canyon, you are rewarded with quiet trails, potential wildlife sightings, and a nice, short hike that gets the blood pumping. At the end of the access trail, you are rewarded with a fabulous, wide open view of the valley. And if you want to continue on, you can eventually access Ski Lake, a beautiful, crisp mountain lake.

Another great hike is the trail next to Old Pass Rd that drops you out near Crater Lake. Accessed from the Teton Pass, most people insist on walking on the road up to Crater Lake, making the trail a perfect place for a quiet stroll. The trail next to the road also takes you into Blacks Canyon, where you can access an abundance of other areas. Aside from the occasional mountain biker, the trails are pretty empty. In the Spring, there is an abundance of wildflowers and in the fall, the trees and shrubs have gorgeous, varied colors.

short hikes in Jackson hole

While Josie’s Ridge is a popular in-town hike, it’s a great and easily accessible hike with fabulous views, giving it a spot on our list. Josie’s Ridge is accessed from a trailhead on Snow King Dr. It quickly ascends above the neighborhoods, providing you with a gorgeous view of the town of Jackson and the mountains that surround us. Josie’s Ridge also gives you a great bang for your buck, as you are climbing Snow King Mountain and definitely breathing hard.

There are a plethora of great short hikes in Jackson Hole and these are just three of them. Hiking in Jackson Hole is varied, from short 1 mile hikes to overnight hiking trails. The trails just go on and on…contact us today for your real estate needs or to learn more about other great hiking trails in this fabulous place we call home.