Create Your Own Legacy Ranch

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! You can create your own legacy ranch here in Jackson Hole by combining several currently available properties. The result is an unique Jackson Hole Ranch unlike any other. Have we peaked your interest yet? Let us show you how.

legacy ranch

Aspensong is a contemporary and elegant home on 35 acres in Crescent H. This portion of the old Crescent H Ranch is known as Tract 12 and is currently available at $16,950,000 (MLS#16-2341). Aspensong borders 2 other available properties currently on the market, Tract 17 (MLS#17-1911), which includes an Equestrian Center and employee houses, and the historic Crescent H Lodge (Tracts 10 & 16, MLS # 17-1916), which has a lodge and three guest cabins.  Another available property, Tract 13 (MLS# 17-1917), borders the Lodge property, and has an additional guest house.

The potential to join all of these available listings into one unique legacy ranch currently exists. The entire ranch would include the contemporary residence of Aspensong, and the potential to make the rest of the property into a fully functional guest ranch. The parcels are separated enough to allow you to live in Aspensong in privacy and would allow your guests to have a great Jackson Hole experience. The result would be a one-of-a-kind 193 acre ranch in Crescent H for $40,300,000. What would you name it?

Additional options do exist. You could combine Aspensong with Tract 17 to gain an equestrian center and employee housing for 71 total acres at $21, 450,000. You could combine Aspensong with the historic Crescent H Lodge (Tracts 10 and 16) to gain a Lodge and three guest houses for 123 total acres at $29,850,000. You could combine Aspensong with Tracts 10, 16, & 17 to gain a slightly smaller working ranch for 158 total acres at $34,350,000.

Several of these properties have available square feet that can be added to the existing homes, allowing you to “redecorate” your ranch exactly how you want it. What changes would you make?

How do you want to write yourself into the rich history of Jackson Hole? Donate to charities like Old Bill’s Fun Run? While valuable, it’s not unique. Run for mayor? Nah, too much work! How about creating something new? A legacy ranch unique to the area is perfect!