Areas of Jackson Hole

Questions about the areas of Jackson Hole?

If you are new to Jackson Hole and are considering buying property in the area, we have the cheat sheet for you!  We have created two guides that will help you understand what your real estate agent is even talking about!

The first is a guide to the areas of Jackson, Wyoming. Midtown refers to a small sliver of Jackson Hole where a cluster of retail shops and restaurants rest. The Gill Addition is a small sliver of land that was platted in 1950 and borders the Elk Refuge (making it highly desirable). The Budge Hillside sits above the town on Budge Dr. The rest is pretty self-explanatory.

areas of jackson wyoming

Right now, East Jackson and the Gill Addition seem to be the most popular spots, although you can find great real estate in Jackson Hole just about anywhere. It truly is paradise!

The areas of Jackson Hole are also relatively easy to understand. Both Westbank North and Westbank South are highly desirable and are named for being on the west side of the Snake River. Whereas North of Town and Central Valley have more direct views of the Grand and the Tetons, you can pretty much see the Tetons most places in the valley.

areas of Jackson Hole


If you are looking at our detailed Q3 market report, this guide will help you understand the various areas of Jackson Hole.

A couple other tidbits: Jackson Hole is the name of the valley, and Jackson is the biggest town within the valley. There is also the towns of Wilson, Kelly, Moose, Moran, and Teton Village.  Teton County, WY also includes Alta, WY, which is accessed through Idaho and is not technically in Jackson Hole, although it is a part of it.

Jackson Hole is surrounded on 4 sides by national parks, national forests, and mountains. We have breathtaking mountains and an abundance of wildlife and outdoor activities. If you are looking for more help choosing the right area to live in Jackson Hole, the NeVille Group is here to help!