Inside Activities in Jackson Hole for Cold, Wet November Days!

luxury properties in jackson holePart of living in Jackson Hole during the fall means that you have to endure the occasional cold, wet days of November. Even paradise is not 100% perfect. You are then treated with a beautiful, crisp blue day with breathtaking Teton views. Still, what should you do with yourself on these days?! We have a handful of inside activities in Jackson Hole that are perfect for those cold, wet November days!

In no particular order:

  1. Drive around looking for wildlife. November is when they start to come out of the mountains, and moose and elk can be seen wandering the valley floor.jackson hole real estate
  2. Check out the National Wildlife Museum. They have new exhibits all the time and there is a great cafe!
  3. Go to a movie! No one wants to see a movie when the weather is nice, so be sure to check out MovieWorks or the Twin Cinema.
  4. Visit the Rec Center and get some laps in. Better yet, join one of their ski fitness classes to prepare you for winter!inside activities in jackson hole
  5. Join the Art Association and get a punch pass to the ceramics or art studios. They also offer several classes and workshops to try out!
  6. Join the Literacy Center and volunteer to help a child with reading.
  7. Go shopping on the Square (okay it’s mostly inside depending on how fast you walk!) The Town Square is quiet this time of year and there are plenty of good deals to checbuy property in Jackson holek out!
  8. Visit the Historical Society Museum! Catch up on your history of Jackson Hole by visiting any one of the historical buildings!
  9. Check out the Teton County Library! In addition to a great collection of books, they have speakers and have great Story Slams!
  10. Go bowling! Hole Bowl has a plethora of inside activities in Jackson Hole!

Don’t forget to try out new hobbies, get ahead on your reading, or catch up your favorite sitcoms!

Oh WAIT!!! Just one more.. 11. Check out some new Jackson, WY real estate options with The NeVille Group!

Ok, now we are done! If you need further suggestions, or would like help picking out your dream home in Jackson Hole, we are here to help!