Prime Commercial Real Estate

As you may or may not know, The NeVille Group is located on the corner of Jackson and Pearl St, about 5 blocks from the heart of Jackson Hole, the Town Square. As we pop in and out of our offices daily, we notice the consistent buzz of traffic and pedestrians that navigate Pearl and are thankful for our prime spot. The visual exposure this prime spot allots us is priceless! Whereas Broadway is the tourist route this time of year, Pearl St is the local thruway, a road consisting of prime commercial real estate abuzz throughout the year, connecting south of town to the local government and eastside neighborhoods. prime commercial real estate

Next door to us is one such piece of the prime commercial real estate we talk about. Nestled between the “old” post office and the Pearl at Jackson property we reside in, this Pearl St Commercial Property is not one to be overlooked and it’s available!!! With two long time tenants happily resting with no intention of leaving, this building is a great investment opportunity. It has the benefits of an in-town location, the perks of consistent, year-round local traffic meaning the tenants will be able to pay their bills, and it’s in great shape!

As with any investment opportunity, people always want to know the risks! While we can not predict the future (we are not fortune tellers), we can tell you that Pearl St in Jackson is a happening place and office and commerical spaces on this street are sought after. Furthermore, we can tell you that Jackson has a bit of a “bubble” around it…in previous recessions, Jackson was always the last to be hit and the first to recover. For any of you who have visited, you can completely understand why.  Jackson attracts many tourists and the opportunities for business is huge. Owning a piece of commericial property in this valley is like owning a gold mine.

We encourage you to drive by this commercial investment and imagine all the possibilities. Pearl St is a local hub of business opportunity…do not miss this investment opportunity! Contact us at the NeVille Group today to schedule your tour of this gold mine!