Our Top 3 Lakes for Small Boating Activities in Jackson, Wyoming

The Jackson Hole lifestyle is amazing! As real estate agents, we not only believe in the property we sell but in the area where we live. We want to help you find your dream home, just as we have, and thus, we are going to share a few Jackson Hole secrets with you.  We will plan to pick our top 3 choices for various lifestyles perks of living in Jackson Hole. Thus, when you finally do find your dream home here, you will know exactly what you want to do!

Let’s start with our top 3 lakes for small boating activities in Jackson, WY.lakes for small boating activities in jackson

#1 String Lake. This peaceful, shallow lake located at the base of the Tetons is easily accessed from the inner park road and allows for a relaxing afternoon in the park. While this glacial-formed lake does get a bit crowded in the afternoons during the summer, you can easily escape north and even easily portage over to Leigh Lake where the views of Mount Moran are breathtaking. An absolute must. All non-motorized vehicles are allowed on this lake, although the wind is inconsistent for wind-surfing. We would recommend paddleboarders, kayaks and canoes on this lake.

#2. Slide Lake. This quiet, yet deep and large lake is located just outside of Kelly on Gros Ventre Rd. The road is paved all the way to the campground and dock of Slide Lake, making it the closest and most easily accessible lake to the town of Jackson. As this lake is a bit large, the wind picks up nicely and this is an excellent spot for wind surfing. Sea kayakers will enjoy taking a stroll on this lake to take a glance at the underwater forest below the waters surface.

#3. Jenny Lake. While there are far better streams and rivers nearby perfect for small boating activities, Jenny Lake offers breathtaking views right at the base of Cascade Canyon and therefore cannot be ruled out. There is an interesting underwater forest at the base of St. John towards the north side of Jenny Lake and there is a beautiful waterfall where String Lake flows into Jenny Lake. This is a great lake for canoes, windsurfers, and kayaks.

There you have it! Our top 3 lakes for small boating activities! This, of course, is  just one of the many things you can do in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Stay tuned for more of our top recommendations!