Homes in Alta, Wyoming

homes in alta, wyomingOn the west side of the Tetons, there is a small sliver of Wyoming that can only be accessed through Idaho. Within this sliver is a quaint little town known as Alta, Wyoming. A gateway to the family-oriented local ski resort, Grand Targhee, Alta, WY has a nice charm to it.

Separated by mountains from the bustling Jackson Hole, Alta, WY boasts all the same benefits of living in Teton County, WY without the noise and congestion. Time is slower in this cute little spot below the Tetons.


Homes in Alta, Wyoming feature the same quality, space and surrounding landscape that a Westbank home in Wilson would have. However, these homes are generally less expensive then their Wilson counterparts. How much cheaper? This three bedroom home in Alta is going for $639,000 and it’s counterpart in Wilson is going for $1,325,000.

So what’s so great about homes in Alta, Wyoming?


  • They have quick and easy access to Grand Targhee Resort.
  • They have access to Teton County, WY schools without the housing costs. Did we mentioned that Alta, WY consistently out-performs other schools in the district?
  • They have access to WY services, including a great library and road maintanence.
  • They have access to Idaho services, many of which are cheaper than their Wyoming counterparts…including sports, art classes, and local pools/gyms.
  • They are only 45 minutes from Wilson
  • They have views of the Big Holes.
  • They have National Forest access up and down the Tetons.
  • There are groomed cross-country ski and fat-biking tracks in the winter, and a plethora of hiking trails.
  • WILDLIFE!!! Need we say more?

Homes in Alta, Wyoming are more affordable, yet you still get the same quality of life as you would in Jackson Hole. If you are looking for a small, quiet and family-friendly town to move to, it really does not get much better than Alta, WY.

There are currently 9 homes for sale in Alta. If you want a Teton County, WY home without all the cost, consider any of these homes in Alta, Wyoming. You will not be disappointed! The NeVille Group is here to help with all of your housing needs.