The Gill Addition: Quiet In-Town Living

QUIET IN-TOWN LIVING? They must be kidding, you say to yourself. But it’s possible to find that sort of living in the town of Jackson Hole. The subdivision is called the Gill Addition and it is THE place to live in town. Oh, and by the way, The NeVille Group has a brand new listing in this fabulous neighborhood!!!real estate in Jackson hole

What on earth could be so special about this little corner of the town of Jackson Hole? Surely there are other areas of real estate in Jackson Hole that are just as worthy of being sold so fast. But there are characteristics of the Gill Addition that cannot be found anywhere else in town, thus making it the perfect, quiet in-town living spot!

#1 The Gill Addition is close to the town square, about 4 blocks to be exact. In-town living at it’s best! Restaurants, movie theatres, and nightlife are there for your enjoyment and are but a walk away!

elk refuge#2 The Gill Addition is at the border of the Elk Refuge. Wintering elk are just a fence line away from you. In the summer, the large open space allows a sense of remoteness.

#3 The Gill Addition is on a dead-end road with no through fare. Deloney Ave ends in the Gill Addition and Broadway takes all the traffic over to the east, leaving the Gill Addition in a quiet space close to town.

#4 The Gill Addition is close to the Recreational Center, the hospital, and the in-town Elementary School. In fact, this fantastic subdivision is located right between all three of these important buildings.

#5 The Gill Addition has Teton views. While this may be the case in other areas of the valley, the Gill Addition also has the above-mentioned benefits making it a great overall real estate package!quiet in-town living,

The characteristics of this great subdivision means that the properties in this area sell well.  Properties in the Gill Addition maintain their value and sell when others are not. The NeVille Group currently has a beautiful and spacious Gill Addition Home available on the market. Located on Moran St, a block into the Gill Addition, this home is on a quiet street and has a very private feel to it. It has also been updated in the last 4 years, making it a complete package!

To view this property, simply give us a call or email us at TNG! 307-690-3209,