Fall in the Tetons

As the summer bustle fades while the leaves begin to turn, fall in Jackson Hole shows its true colors: cooler temps, local hotspot specials, and a fan-favorite, alleviated crowds. Summer and winter tend to be the favored seasons for obvious reasons, but more and more locals rave about the fall months and all that is encumbered in this short window of time before the snow flies. Autumn in the valley can be arguably more enjoyable for several reasons. Both Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park gates are still open for enjoying scenic drives, hiking, horseback riding among a palate of autumn colors that will leave you speechless. A subtle change you will notice is there are far less people and more wildlife to be found.

Fisherman casting a line on Pacific Creek in Grand Teton National Park.

A wildlife species to be on the lookout for is the elk. September through October is known as primetime elk mating season (also known as Elk Rut Season) where you can hear the renowned elk bugles as they descend from the higher elevations to prepare for the long winter months. Locals also take this time to put their money where their mouth is as soon as elk archery season opens (early September). While the streets of town of Jackson are far more deserted, local restaurants find ways to lure in the crowds by providing ‘off-season specials’ (2-for-1’s) until the ski lifts start to turn. As you can tell, there is still plenty to do besides tune your skis and watch the snow slowly start to fall in the mountains For more information on local insights, contact the NeVille Group and let us be your personal guide to the life we live in Jackson Hole.