4th of July in Jackson Hole

So you are thinking about coming for 4th of July in Jackson Hole and are wondering if it’s worth it? We will let you be the judge. Here’s a step by step guide to enjoying Jackson Hole on the 4th of July, especially if you are a family from out of town.

To start, come join us for the Lion Club’s Annual Pancake Breakfast on the Town Square (Deloney Street). A local’s favorite, the breakfast runs $5 for those under 8 and $10 for 8 and up. Once you’ve gotten your fill of pancakes, take a little walk towards the parade route. While the majority of tourists get stuck watching the parade on the square amidst the crowds, you are going to head to Glenwood Street, and park yourself on the East side of the street in the shade of the trees like a pro. Your kids won’t fight for candy, nor will they get lost, and you will have plenty of opportunity to see this fabulous 1hr long parade! It’s like trick or treating, but they come to you!

4th of July in Jackson Hole

4th of July in Jackson Hole is an action-packed day. We would suggest a nap at this time or a relaxing lunch at one of our fine restaurants. The rest of the day will sure to be a blur so it’s always good to take a midday break.

From here, your afternoon could include any one of the following:

View of Alpine Slide and Town of Jackson
String Lake

From here, you have a couple of options. You could head out to the Village (Teton Village) for the Grand Teton Music Festival’s amazing performance over speakers in the Commons followed by an impressive fireworks display. Or you may want to take a pass at the Rodeo, which runs Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays in the summer. The rodeo is sure to entertain the kids and is a short walk from the fireworks that are set off at the base of Snow King at 10 pm. Or you could head to the shootout, peruse the shops around the square, hit up one of our many amazing restaurants and then venture over to the fireworks.

We love 4th of July in Jackson Hole, and we know you will too!