Three Perfect Days – A Hemisphere Feature

Hemispheres, United Airlines’ in plane magazine, a publication that aims to be “travel inspiration for their most loyal flyers,” really hit the nail on the head in their latest issue!

Three Perfect (Winter) Days in Wyoming, can you think of anything better? As the least populated state in America, Wyoming is often looked over when it comes to travel. But, as the locals know, the adventure and landscape are nothing short of amazing. And, the skiing… the skiing is what brings most people to Jackson Hole, and sometimes they end up staying forever.

Day One:

Picture: Niall Bouzon inbounds on a bluebird day at Jackson Hole

The author of the article, Lauren Vespoli, started her first perfect day with a ride on Big Red, up to Corbet’s Cabin to feast on the region’s most delicious waffles.

“Either it’s the elevation, or the copious brown sugar and butter, but I’ve never had a better waffle,” says Vespoli.

Even though she is an avid skier, Lauren maneuvers through the runs at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort with an instructor, making sure she doesn’t miss any of what the mountain has to offer. She makes a stop at the Mangy Moose, who, if you didn’t know, kickstarted the mountain’s après scene in 1967. Vespoli ends her day at Old Yellowstone Garage, with a feast of pizza, lamb chops and house made cheesecake.

Day Two:

Vespoli’s second day in town starts with breakfast at local favorite Persephone Bakery, and a debate on whether or not to ski again or experience the other adventures Jackson Hole has to offer. They decided to venture out to the Elk Refuge, where the largest migrating herd of elk in North America spend their winter.

Lauren’s next stop? The Museum of Wildlife Art, which is an easily missed structure tucked into the hillside, but a must if visiting Jackson Hole. After meandering through the museum, looking in awe at the latest collection on display, and grabs lunch at Palate. Lauren makes her way back into town.

While in town, Lauren strolls through the unique galleries, exquisite shops, and of course samples the exemplary culinary cuisine Jackson has to offer. Her stops include: New West Knife Works, Mtn Man Toy Shop, Mountain Dandy Showroom, and a stop a Bin 22 for tapas and wine and a stop at King Sushi.

On her walk back to the Anvil Hotel the bright lights and boisterous sounds coming from the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar pull her in. Don’t worry, Lauren, we’ve all been there!

Day Three:

A trip to Yellowstone National Park, was how Lauren Vespoli decided to spend her third and final day in Wyoming. Lucky for Lauren and due to the time of year, she had a front row and private viewing of Old Faithful, the most predictable geyser in the park.

Lauren makes her way through the park stopping at Upper Geyser Basin, Teakettle Spring, and Beehive Geyser. She then takes a wildlife tour along the Madison River. During the tour she sees bison calves and cows burrowing in the snow for food. Did you know that the large hump on the back of the bison is actually a large muscle that helps them plow through the snow to forage?

With a stop at the Firehouse Lounge, for pre-dinner cocktails. Lauren heads to dinner at the Obsidian Dining Room where she enjoys the delicious curated food. This ends Lauren’s trip in Wyoming, you can read the full article written by Lauren here.

The wonders of Wyoming are marveled at by the most experienced travelers and loved by locals. Vacationers have been known to stay longer than expected, and sometimes a lifetime.

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