Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates Turns Five!

Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates celebrates its 5-year anniversary since its start in 2009.

“Five years ago today, a group of real estate professionals came together to create a real estate company that was “different” both in culture and operation.  A company that not only was built to sustain a challenging market but also an organization made up of agents dedicated to their field and their colleagues.  The vision was a group of professionals devoted to integrity, teamwork and client service where the company and the agents personify the esteemed Christie’s 250-year old trust-mark.  The result has exceeded even the Partners most lofty aspirations — we could not be more proud of the group of professionals that now comprise the most dynamic and successful real estate company in the region.” – Julie Faupel, JHREA Owner.

The NeVille Group is proud to be affiliated with Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates and the ability to celebrate this special occasion with all it’s members.

With the numerous connections The NeVille Group possesses, we are your go-to group when it comes to finding the ideal home or property in Jackson Hole.

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