Grand Targhee preparing for 2014 summer music line-ups

Everyone loves the beauty and awe-inspiring views of Jackson Hole. The green grass, crystal blue skies, and the vivid colors of the wildflowers make Jackson Hole one of the most spectacular places on Earth!

Grand Targhee always has great concerts and wonderful musical acts during every summer, and they have just announced their summer music line-ups.

According to Jackson Hole News & Guide, “Grand Targhee Resort is gearing up for another summer of music with its announcement of the band lineups for Targhee Fest and the Grand Targhee Bluegrass Festival.”

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Come on up to Jackson Hole for some wonderful tunes in Grand Targhee. The NeVille Group looks forward to seeing you this Summer!

Targhee resort announces summer music line-ups” – Jackson Hole News & Guide 3/27/2014