Tips for Buying a Vacation Home in Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is paradise; there is no doubt about it. Access to gorgeous views, a plethora of activities, excellent restaurants, national parks, and nature are a few of the qualities that make Jackson Hole so popular. Did we mention the views? The Tetons jut out from the valley floor as majestic mountains do and at times, you think they are cardboard cutouts, too amazing to be real.

It’s no wonder people want to vacation in Jackson Hole. A week here and time stops. We’d almost say Jackson Hole was the fountain of youth and we are not sure it would be wrong. But before you consider buying in this tax-haven, it would be prudent to inform you of things to know before buying a vacation home in Jackson Hole.

An article in Forbes by Trulia indicates 8 things you need to know before you buy. We are going to give you those tips for Jackson Hole.

It first suggests spending time in the destination. To capture Jackson Hole in it’s glory, we’d recommend visiting in late January/early February for those winter-types, beating the spring break traffic. For everyone else, we’d recommend early May and September/October. There are limited visitors during this time, the national parks are still open, and the locals and animals are out and about playing. You could, of course, visit during the holidays and experience the same glory, with a few more people.

The article mentions property management, house upkeep, and rental options as other things to consider when you have a vacation home. Lucky for you, our sister company, Luxury Properties Jackson Hole , can both manage your property and provide you with rental income through vacation rentals. We have you covered!

buying a vacation home in jackson holeWhen considering plane travel and how to get to Jackson Hole, there are several direct flights from major airports during the main seasons. We are 4 ½ hours from Salt Lake City and about 8 ½ hours from Denver. The main issue that impacts our plane travel in the winter and could potentially interfere with holiday plans, is the white, powdered sugar that is oh-so-sweet to ski on!

Jackson Hole is small enough to be a “neighborhood watch” sort of town. We look out for each other and take care of each other. Our police force is excellent and our crime rate is relatively low.

Lastly, ‘know your costs’ says the article. We mentioned Wyoming is a tax haven so if you claim this vacation home as your primary residence, you will not pay state income tax. Your heating bills will be higher in the winter and your property taxes are low compared to California, New York, and Illinois. The climate is dry and averages 85 during the day in the summer, so no paying for air conditioning. Your main costs will be in the upkeep and property management, as with all vacation homes.

There you have it! When consider buying a vacation home in Jackson Hole, please know that The NeVille Group will take care of you and help you along the way. We are here to answer any questions you have and support you in your transition to life in paradise.