Business Week Names Jackson Hole #1

While no surprise to those of us who live here, Business Week magazine has found that Jackson Hole is the No. 1 ski resort in North America.

“On the strength of nonstop flights from 12 U.S. cities, the resort had its most visitors ever last winter … At the same time, the owners—the ski mountain is still independently owned and operated by the Kemmerer family—have invested $135 million in capital improvements over the last 12 years.”

The article also cites, “What the No. 1 ranking may signal most, however, runs a little deeper than convenience, or the clever method the resort has devised for grooming steep slopes with a winching system, impressive as that is. Jackson has managed ‘to soften its edges,’ … without losing its edge altogether.  ‘They’ve made it for more than just the hard-core skier,’ {Greg Ditrinco, editor of SKI magazine] says. ‘And now it’s up to them to prove if that is a good evolution or a bad evolution. I obviously think it’s a good evolution, because I’d like the sport to grow.'”

This only bodes well for real estate in the area, and having the right knowledge about the market can only come from locals, so contact us today for more information.

Once Extreme, Now Mainstream: Jackson Hole Is Named North America’s No. 1 Ski Resort” – 9/18/2013